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I was raised in rural Missouri in an old farm house, filled with antiques. When I was just a kid, I discovered the Fox Fire book series which taught me how to build a hand hewn log cabin.  With plenty of woods on our farm, and an axe in hand, I set out on a career that still keeps me busy.  With a small crew, I've been professionally dismantling and reconstructing antique log, post & beam homes, and barns, since 1991.  These wonderful structures need to be saved from the devastation of the bulldozer as progress marches on, deeper and deeper into the lands, once known only to our forefathers.

Over the years, I have developed a reputation for my craftsmanship and respect for authenticity in my restorations. Great effort is made to keep the projects period correct and all materials and workmanship the same as the original construction. I can dismantle, document and move a structure or restore it on site.  We also do structural repairs, including sill replacements, log replacement, and leveling. Most of my time is spent in actual restoration projects, but I have gained a reputation for my historic construction consultations. I have worked on National Historic Sites, State Historic Sites, County Parks, Universities, Civic and Historical Societies, DeKalb County Illinois Forest Preserve district and countless private projects. Having been called in to assess feasability on projects, structural assessments, period and architectural interpretation as well as design and site development.

A partial list of consulting projects:

Daniel Boone  & Boonesfield Village (St. Charles County, Missouri) Sappington house, Flanders Callaway house, Newton Howell houseHistoric construction consultant

Reconstruction of Fort Zumwalt (St. Charles County, Missouri) - Historic construction consultant

Miller cabin (wife of the inventor of barbed wire) for the Illinois forest district   - Architectural analysis and directing the physical moving of the cabin

Jacob Wolf house (Norfolk, Arkansas)  Oldest public structure in Arkansas - Architectural analysis

Rice / Upshaw house   (Pocahontas Arkansas) Architectural analysis  

French / Looney house  (Pocahontas Arkansas) Architectural analysis


Tim Kilby

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Located in St. Charles County, Missouri, which is in east-central portion of the state, about 40 miles west of St. Louis, arrangements can be made to travel to your site.

Preliminary discussions are best by email tim@tkilby.com or phone 636-987-2679

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